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No, you will access the labyrinth by car, entering your GPS Turnac, 24250 DOMME.
For reasons of hygiene our friends animals are not allowed in the labyrinth enclosure.
No but we offer the exceptional day: a canoe rental = 1 entrance to the labyrinth of the Hermit + 1 entrance to Parc Quercyland. Conditions: On presentation of the invoice, the same day or the next day following your canoe course.
Yes, free parking is available in front of the maze.
Yes, they are located outside the maze.
Yes. However, the paths taken are in the ground.
Yes, there are tables at your disposal in front of the maze
We offer the sale of ice cream and beverages
The lost objects are systematically reported to the reception of the labyrinth, if the object you have lost has not been found before your departure from the labyrinth, we advise you to contact us at the following day from 14 hours.